Promontory 150

We are in Utah for the celeration of the 150th Anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory Summit.

The Union Pacific pulled out all the stops. On May the 9th, they recreated the iconic photo by of the Jupiter and 190 nose to nose at Promontory by bringing "The Living Legend" #844 and "The Big Boy", #4014 pilot to pilot at Ogden Union Station. There was a huge crowd from all over the country and the world. Here are some photos for those who couldn't make it.

Ogden_2     Ogden_3 Ogden_1

Ogden_5  Ogden_6

Most of these were taken later in the afternoon after the ceremonies and speeches in the morning when the crowd had thinned out and one could get closer. Unfortunately, the sun did not cooperate. 



If you are ever in the area, the Ogden Union Station is worth a visit in and of itself. It has been beautifully restored.The State Railroad Museum is located there. it natually focuses on the Transcontinental Railroad. There are several pieces of area equipment on display. Click here for more info and pix.