Office Renovation

RRPAPER.COM has slowly but surely taken over my 9'x11' home office over the years. Thanks to you, the business has grown past everything we were hoping and planning for. It is now time to start over and plan a more efficient space to facilitate cataloging, organizing and order processing to better serve you. Our home is a typical southern ranch style built in the 1970's. The space I use was originally the formal dining room. We will close off the opening that connected to the former formal living room, remove the carpeting, install new wood flooring, cabinets and better lighting.

We'll post pictures from time to time to show our progress. All of the inventory has been relocated within the house. We have been able to maintain the organization so pulling your orders together should not pose any problems.

Before pictures:

going around the room:

IMG_1455     IMG_1456      IMG_1457     




Day one progress:

Carpeting and pop corn ceiling removed. Dry wall up.

IMG_1465     IMG_1471      IMG_1463     IMG_1467

First coat of paint, new electrical roughed in and new door installed:

IMG_1474    IMG_1473    IMG_1475

New cabinets from IKEA have arrived (some assembly required):                 



New Flooring:

IMG_1490         IMG_1493

Cabinet installation begins:

IMG_1499    IMG_1498    IMG_1500   IMG_1497

The cabinets are all hung now with doors and drawers attached. The G gauge trains is displayed. Next up will be the countertops.

IMG_1506    IMG_1505    IMG_1510

Our daughter installed all the knobs and pulls. The countertops will be installed in early December. Much of the product has been moved in and I am starting to work out of the new space with a temporary shelf.

IMG_1532_91_1_93_      IMG_1533_91_1_93_

The project has been completed!

Welcome to the new office:



IMG_1571      IMG_1572  IMG_1579

Much better storage:                Employee Timetables:            Public Timetables:                  

IMG_1574   IMG_1576  IMG_1575 


Amtrak Public Timetables:


The barrister bookcase was my Dad's. I use it to display items that are special to me.

These are my keys, rule books and timetable went I was on the Norfolk & Western Railway Decatur Division back in the 1980's.


Thank you for making this possible!